Manson KPS-6602 voeding

Artikelnummer: K81901 | Levertijd: 1-2 Werkdagen
  • Output Voltage: 1-32 Volt
  • Output Current: 0-30 Ampère

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Omschrijving Manson KPS-6602 voeding

This KPS series of switching mode remote programming power supplies provide power test wave forms from the versatile 10 Step generator which can simulate common test conditions for electronic devices. In addition to the supplied USB communication interface, an optional Ethernet interface card allows users to configure, control, or monitor basic power supply settings over the internet. KPS uses SCPI (Standard Commands of Programmable Instruments) syntax for easy system integration with test equipment.

4-digits display provide 10mV and 10mA resolution.

Three user adjustable presets of voltage and current values can be saved for quick recall from the front panel buttons. User adjustable upper voltage and current limits make it extra safe for delicate  and sensitive test piece.

Output On-Off button and the Key Lock button allow safe and convenient operation.

Analogue Remote Control of voltage, current and Output On-Off provide additional flexibility in the control of the power supply. It is ideal for laboratory, university, work shop, production, quality control and advanced DIY applications.

This family of KPS laboratory programmable power supplies has 5 series: 160W, 360W, 480W, 640W and 960W. All have 4 digit voltage  and current LCD displays starting from min. 1V and zero Amp.  Resolutions: 10mV and 10mA. Universal input for low power models.


  • Remote Programmable via USB or LAN(with optional LAN Card).
  • On housing 10 Steps Waveform generator with cycle periods running.
  • 4 digits Voltmeter and Ammeter.
  • 3 user defined V & I panel presets for frequent use.
  • User adjustable upper voltage and current limits.
  • Output On-Off and Key Lock button.
  • Standard Commands of Programmable Instruments (SCPI) command syntax.
  • Analogue Remote Control of V, I & output On-Off without computer.
  • Rotary encoder knob with definitive action of fine and coarse tuning.
  • Smart cooling fan speed control from zero to full speed.
  • Self diagnostic check on LED display and cooling fan on start up.
  • Isolated ground , Active PFC & high power efficiency.
  • Universal AC input.
  • Over load, Tracking Over Voltage Protections.
  • Constant Current limit setting with output open circuit.
  • Ouput:
    Variable Output Voltage 1 - 32 VDC
    Variable Output Current 0 - 30A
  • Dimensions(WxHxB): 200 mm x 90 mm x 332 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg


  • 1 x Manson KPS-6602 Voeding
  • 1 x AC-kabel met Schukostekker 
  • 1 x USB driver und PC software
  • 1 x USB Kabel
  • 1 x DC-Kabel 
  • 1 x Handleiding in het engels

Productkenmerken Manson KPS-6602 voeding

1-2 Werkdagen
3,8 Kg
Afmetingen L x B x H ( cm ):
20.0 x 9.0 x 33.2