Baofeng DM-9HX DMR Portofoon

Artikelnummer: BAODM9HX | Levertijd: Voorraad 1
  • Upgraded Versie met firmware V2.1.0.0
  • Compatible met Motorola & TYT
  • Grote 3800 Mah Accu

€ 74,95

Omschrijving Baofeng DM-9HX DMR Portofoon

Baofeng DM-9HX DMR Radio Tier II VFO Digital & Analog Dual Band Transceiver.


  • Text receiving and sending with at most 64 characters.
  • Manual programming: Support VFO Mode
  • Frequency editing under Channel mode
  • Digital Monitor Mode: support communication when frequency, time clot and color code is paired, regardless of Contact ID, RX Group list
  • Customize shortcut keys: including long-press and short-press with Side Keys. Edit shortcut keys with Programming Software.
  • FM Radio
  • LED
  • Support analog s and digital ones
  • Driver-free programming cable, plug and play
  • With SMA-Male antenna base, compatible with all SMA-Female antennas
  • Dual-standby and dual display
  • The radio has the ability to operate on GMRS, FRS and listen in on public safety. (Not in all areas}


1. Is it a Motorola ?
No, not. The radio does do its job though, and it does it well at a price almost anyone can afford. An excellent low cost addition to your radio collection.

2. Is it easy to program?
Yes. Just need to downoad the software and set up, NO drivers needed to connect the radio to the computer with the supplied USB data transfer cable. you can simply connect the radio, turn it on and upload the code plug with no further steps required, it was a breeze.

3. Does the Chrip software work?

No, only the program software of DM-9HX work. Download link is :

Why Choose Baofeng DM-9HX?

  • Tier II Dual Time Slot, vhf uhf Dual Band, Built-in 3800 mAh Baery, is trying to come out as the most cost-effective and powerful DMR on the market, with both solid construction in hardware and easy programming in software.
  • Transceiver Compatible with Motorola TYT DMR Radios. Also Tried unit on local DMR s (Tier 1 and 2), through Hotspot and Analog s. Reports were all good. You can carry along for daily chaer on the local DMR talkgroups and OpenSpot
  • The radio has excellent sound and I was told by many hams that sounded like i was in the room next to them.
  • The scenes to be used are varies—outdoor activities, school, construction sites, property management, business occasions, hotel, hospital, etc. DM-9HX enables a quick response to any situation with a crystal clear sound and you can use it when you need timely coordination or constant communication.
  • Equipped with the latest Firmware Version V2.1.00,Runs more smoothly
  • Supports text messaging from radio to radio using no mobile data, making it ideal for communication in places where cell phones can`t go.
  • Utilize Baofeng 5R accessories except for the programming cable.


  • 1 x Baofeng DM-9HX DMR Portofoon
  • 1 x Baofeng Dual Band High Gain Antenne
  • 1 x Riemclip
  • 1 x Hand Strap
  • 1 x 220 Volt Bureau Lader
  • 1 x 3800Mah Accu
  • 1 x Headset
  • 1 x Programeerkabel
  • 1 x Programeer software via download link
  • 1 x Handleding in het engels


Productkenmerken Baofeng DM-9HX DMR Portofoon

Voorraad 1
Analoog & Digitaal DMR Tier I & II
Aantal kanalen:
1 of 5 Watt (instelbaar)
Frequentie bereik:
136-174 & 400-480 MHz