Motocomm FG-554 headset

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Omschrijving Motocomm FG-554 headset

Motocomm FG-554 headset

Deze Motocomm headset is geschikt voor integraalhelmen.

Geschikt voor Transceiver types van

  • Motorola XTN Series
  • Geest MU en MV-serie, CLS-serie, SP Series, CP-serie, CR-serie, GP-serie
  • En anderen.

Identieke Connector / bedrading voor Integraal helmen:

  • MC554 = stuur PTT.
  • FG554 = Mini (vinger) PTT.
  • FGL554 = Mini (vinger) PTT met lange kabel.

Kenmerken Motocomm FG 554 headset

  • Motorcycle and Powersport Communication Headset for use with Handheld Two-Way Radios (PMR, CB, LPD, HAM, FRS, GMRS etc).
  • A MotoComm Headset / Push-To-Talk System is an affordable solution that provides the rider with everything they need to use their onw 2-way radio for Bike-To-Bike communications. With dozens of models to choose from, there is a MotoComm system for almost any type of helmet and 2-way radio!
  • Open Face Helmet Headset Microphone and Stereo Speakers attach inside Helmet. * Helmet Headset Features Two Ultra-Thin Speakers and Noise-Canceling Microphone.
  • Weatherproof Connectors.
  • Weatherproof, Handlebar Mount Push-To-Talk Switch.
  • Switch allows Remote Control of a Handheld Two-Way Radios Transmit and Receive Functions.
  • 3-Weg Interface Cable connects the Headset and the PTT Switch to the Handheld Two-Way Radio.
  • Mini (vinger) PTT System.
  • Connector 2-Pin, Motorola bedrading.

Inhoud verpakking

  • 1 Headset with fixed (MC-5xx) or Boom (MC-7xx) Microphone
  • 1 Weatherproof, Mini (Finger Mount) Push-To-Talk (PTT) Switch
  • 1 3-Weg Interface Cable
  • 1 Coiled Extension Cable for PTT
  • 1 Hook-and-Loop Material Cable Tie
  • 1 Adhesive Backed, Hook-side Circle
  • 2 Plastic keblebinders


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Productkenmerken Motocomm FG-554 headset

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